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Samen met een vriendin ben ik op vakantie geweest in Groot-Brittannië. Het was een grote ervaring. En ik wil dit graag met jullie delen. We hebben verschillende bezienswaardigheden bezocht. Hierover heb ik ook wat informatie in de artikel gezet, zoals bijvoorbeeld de website en de prijs.

  • London Eye 21.00 euro

  • Big Ben  15 pond

  • Tower Bridge 8 pond

  • Cruise the Thames 13,50 pond

  • Museum of London free

  • Camden Town gratis
  • Changing of the Guard gratis
  • Natural History museum gratis

  • Ducktours 21 pond

  • Madame Tussauds in Londen 28,80 pond



* Monday: Changing of the guards and Madame Tussauds. Costs 28.80 pond.

* Tuesday:CamdenTown. Costs: 0 pond.

* Wednesday:NaturalHistoryMuseumand Cruise theThames. Costs: 13.50 pond.

* Thursday: DuckTours. Costs: 21 pond.

* Friday:MuseumofLondon. Costs: 0 pond.

* Saturday: Big Ben. Costs: 15 pond.

* Sunday:LondonEye. Costs: 21 pond.


Today we went to the changing of the guards. It was quite a spectacle. After that we went to Madame Tussauds. We saw Jack Sparrow, Orlando Bloom, The Harry Potter Crew, like Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe, we saw Nicole Kidman, Obama and a lot more of celebrities.



Today we went toCamdenTown. We did a lot of shopping there, so it wasn’t that free after all. We went to the Camden Market. There are a lot of stands where you can buy a lot of stuff. Nice stuff. We bought food and a lot of clothes. Yay clothes!



Today we went to the Natural History Museum. We learned a lot about the history of Great-Britain. It really is a wonderful country with a lot of history. We learned that the United States were in the possession of Great-Britain. We also cruised theThamestoday, we saw a lot a buildings.



Today we went on the Duck Tours. With Duck Tours you go on a sightseeing trip in a bus which changes in a boat on the water. So we went on the water and on land to see stuff. We saw the Big Ben, the London Eye,WestminsterandCoventGardens. It was great.



Today we went to themuseumofLondon. There is a lot to learn aboutLondon. It’s a very old city. The food in the museum was nice. We ate muffins and had some tea. In the museum we went with a guide who told us all about the stuff we saw.



Today we went to see the Big Ben. It really is big. Never thought it would be so big, but when you’re in front of the Big Ben, well you can’t really imagine how it really is. It’s also expensive, I mean 15 pounds for a clock? What the hell? But it was worth the money.


Today we went to the London Eye. It was really high and it took like forever to make one round. But the view was great. But there were other people in the cabin with us who were constantly whining about the height. Stupid people, if they had eyes they had already seen that the London Eye is high. But it was real nice, besides those people.